5 Signs Hearing Loss Is Haunting You

Trick or treat! Halloween is almost here. Carved pumpkins, haunted houses and spooky stories surround us. One thing you may not be considering at this time of year is your hearing.

You probably assume that you’d know if you have a hearing loss. This isn’t always the case. Hearing loss tends to happen gradually over time. This slow progression can make it difficult to recognize the symptoms of hearing loss. Today, we’re looking at 5 signs hearing loss is haunting you.

5 Signs Hearing Loss Is Haunting You

Estimates show that 15% of adults aged 18+ in the United States report some difficulty hearing. A hearing assessment is the best way to determine if you have a hearing loss, but there are other symptoms that you can also look out for. If you recognize these 5 signs of hearing loss, either in yourself or in a loved one, we recommend booking an appointment with your local hearing specialist.

  1. Changes in Social Behavior: Avoiding social situations can be an indicator of hearing loss. When it becomes difficult to hear and communicate with others, the initial reaction is usually withdrawal. While avoiding social gatherings might bring on a feeling of comfort in the beginning, it can lead to isolation and depression over time.
  2. Changes in Everyday Habits: In addition to changing social behavior, you might recognize a change in everyday behaviors, like the inability to understand speech. Learn more about how hearing loss can affect communication here.
  3. Turning up the Volume: Do you seem to be turning up the volume beyond the regular level that everyone else listens to? This can be a key indicator of hearing loss. If you miss hearing the phone ring or knocks at the door, these can also be signs of hearing loss.
  4. Regularly Exposed to Loud Noise: Have you been regularly exposed to loud noises in the past? Permanent and / or temporary hearing loss can be caused by exposure to noise and could occur in one or both ears. Using hearing protection in loud environments helps to protect your hearing. Learn more about Noise Induced Hearing Loss here.
  5. Changes in Health or Medications: Certain medications or health conditions can cause hearing loss. Hearing loss as a result of medication is known as ototoxic hearing loss. If you suspect any changes to your hearing, please book an appointment for a hearing assessment as soon as possible.

Still unsure if hearing loss is haunting you? Use our free online hearing checklist to help determine if you should book an appointment with the hearing specialists at Anderson Audiology. Book a consultation with us by calling 702-997-2964 or click here.

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