Available Hearing Aid Features

Hearing aid technology has been around for a while now, and the devices have come a long way since inception. The hearing aids of today not only help amplify sounds for those who experience hearing loss of varying degrees and types, but they also help accommodate specialized needs based on different listening environments, activities and individual preferences. Below is a list of some of the common hearing aid features that are available.

Available Hearing Aid Technology & Features

Multiple Frequency Channels

Different frequency channels allow the hearing aid to be programmed more accurately to meet your needs. With this technology, your hearing aid can be programmed to compensate for the wearer’s hearing loss across different frequencies. Multiple channels are also useful for implementing other features such as digital noise reduction and feedback cancellation.

Directional Microphones

Modern hearing aids have these directional microphone features that help to pinpoint where the sound is coming from and helps eliminate the problem of distracting background noises being amplified and interfering with what you are trying to hear.

Feedback Management / Cancellation

This type of system helps to reduce the annoying whistling noises that many hearing aid users experienced before this feature was introduced.

Noise Reduction and Suppression

A feature that helps hearing aids work in noisy situations or environments that helps you understand what is being said through the noise.

Preset Programs / Programming

These features include the settings that can be programmed into your hearing aids and allow you to override settings to adapt to a situation.

Binaural Synchronization

This feature is one that is used when you are fitted with a hearing aid in both ears. It allows each hearing aid to communicate with each other  to synchronize the sounds and improve your overall listening experience.

Wind Noise Reduction

Enjoy outdoor activities? Live in a windy environment? This feature can make a big difference because it reduces the amplification of wind noise in your hearing aids.

Fully Automatic/Environmentally Adaptive

This feature gives your hearing aids the function of automatically adjusting its settings for your optimal hearing.


This is a wireless feature that allows your hearing aid to pick up electromagnetic signals from compatible telephones or looped rooms.

FM Compatibility

FM stands for Frequency Modulation. FM compatibility is a wireless feature for hearing aids that allow them to connect to FM systems that improve the signal to noise ratio without causing a feedback loop.

Data Logging

This is a newer feature available on some hearing aids that collects data as you wear them including the time worn, which programs are used, volume increases or decreases, environments and environmental sounds. All of this information can help to identity your hearing difficulties and find solutions.

Learning Features

Some hearing aids have a “self learning” feature that adapts to your preferences and volume control setting in different environments. Over time, it reduces the need for you to manually adjust your hearing aids.

Tinnitus Maskers

Some hearing aids have the ability of creating sounds that can help reduce the perceived loudness of tinnitus.

Telephone Adaptation

This hearing aid feature helps those who have difficulty understanding phone conversations. It is available for both landlines and mobile devices.

Remote Controls

This feature available for some hearing aids makes it easier to change the volume or programs of your hearing aid without having to touch it.

Wireless Connectivity to Mobile Devices & Entertainment Systems

This is obviously a new and advanced function for newer hearing aids. This feature gives you the ability to use your smartphone, television, and other entertainment systems and hear everything.

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