Rechargeable vs. Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries

While we often focus on making the right choice in a hearing aid, the importance of selecting the right hearing aid batteries is also an important decision. There are many hearing aid battery types and finding the right one for your lifestyle just takes a little research.

Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries

The most common hearing aid batteries are zinc-air disposable batteries. A factory-sealed sticker keeps the battery inactive until it’s peeled, exposing the battery to oxygen which causes it to activate.

To conserve power, turn your hearing aid batteries off when not in use (and leaving the hearing aid door open for ventilation). However, if you notice that the battery is draining much faster than the average lifespan, be sure to get your device checked by a professional. Once exhausted, be sure to recycle your batteries safely according to your local recycling rules.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

There are technically two types of reusable batteries – solar powered and rechargeable batteries. Solar powered batteries are most commonly used in developing countries and can be a great way to minimize the expense of disposables. Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, are made of lithium-ion or silver zinc and typically hold a charge for up to 24 hours.

With the right daily habits, using rechargeable batteries can be a great way to minimize impact on the environment as these batteries don’t typically need replacing until after about a year of use.

Other Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids include:

  • No need to keep replacing the batteries: On average, traditional hearing aid batteries last approx. up to 10 days before having to replace them, and smaller ones provide an even shorter lifespan. Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, can last years without having to be replaced.
  • No more dealing with tiny hearing aid parts: Hearing aid devices are designed to be small and easy to wear; this means the batteries are very small (traditional disposable batteries are smaller than a coin). So if you or a loved one are someone who experiences vision or dexterity challenges, rechargeable batteries are an excellent alternative option.
  • Rechargeable hearing aids are energy efficient: Most rechargeable hearing aid models can function optimally for up to approx. 20 hours if fully charged, even if you use the streaming features to listen to your favorite movies.
  • Very easy to charge: Rechargeable hearing aid devices come with a small charging station. This allows you to simply dock your hearing aid device while you’re sleeping so that you wake up to a fully charged hearing aid device. Make sure to ask your hearing care professional about a portable charger.

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