5 Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can have a wide reaching impact on your life. While improved hearing is the most obvious benefit to wearing a hearing aid, hearing aids actually have wider benefits. Today we’re looking at 5 benefits of hearing aids beyond better hearing.

  1. Help Minimize Tinnitus Symptoms: Tinnitus, also known as “ringing in the ears” is the perception of sound when there is no sound present. It often manifests as buzzing, ringing or hissing in your ears, and affects more than 50 million Americans. Tinnitus is a common side effect of a hearing loss, and is the result of your brain trying to process sounds. Using hearing aids can help to minimize the tinnitus symptoms.
  2. Cognitive Health: Your ability to hear and your brain are closely connected. When left untreated, hearing loss can cause a lot of extra strain for your brain. Treating the hearing loss with hearing aids help to mitigate cognitive decline. If you’d like to learn more about this, check out this blog.
  3. Better Communication: Untreated hearing loss can make communication challenging. It can result in social isolation and withdrawal. In some cases, people will avoid going out rather than deal with the potential embarrassment of mis-hearing something. Read more about how hearing loss can affect communication here. Treating the hearing loss with hearing aids can have a dramatic impact on overall communication!
  4. Improved Earning Potential: Research published by The Better Hearing Institute looking at how hearing loss may impact earning potential. The results highlighted that when hearing loss is left untreated, it can reduce annual earnings by up to $30,000. However, treating the hearing loss with hearing aids saw the risk of decreased earning greatly reduce up to 90%.
  5. More Energy: You may not realize it, but did you know that fatigue is a side-effect of hearing loss? As we’ve mentioned above, your brain and your hearing are closely connected. Struggling to hear forces your brain to work much harder to understand the sounds around you. This additional tax on your brain can actually leave you feeling exhausted. Using hearing aids helps to reduce this added load, leaving you feel less tired and more energized.

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