The Importance of a Hearing Aid Fitting

Have you had a recent diagnosis of hearing loss? Did your hearing specialist recommend the use of hearing aid devices? Hearing aids can open up a tremendous world of sound. Matched correctly to your lifestyle, they should complement your day-to-day life.

Ensuring that the devices are suitable for your needs is key. This highlights the importance of a hearing aid fitting. Your hearing healthcare specialist will cover a few important things during your initial appointment.

Everything You Should Know about a Hearing Aid Fitting

If this is your first time wearing hearing aids, this added understanding can make the process easier for you and your loved ones. We’re taking a deeper dive into the importance of a hearing aid fitting, as well as what you should expect.

Viewing & Verification

When you first go in for your appointment with your hearing healthcare specialist, you will view your new hearing aid. Together, you will determine if this is the correct hearing aid model and style for you. If you have any questions about how your hearing aid looks or what the components are, feel free to discuss these with your hearing aid specialist.

General Information

After viewing your hearing aid, your hearing healthcare specialist will discuss general information about your new device including the makeup of the hearing aid and showing you any accessories that come with your device, such as tools you clean it with.

Hearing Aid Cleaning

Next, your hearing healthcare specialist will go over how to properly and safely clean your hearing aid with the tools that are provided to you.

Storing Your Hearing Aid Devices

Next, you’ll learn about how to properly store your hearing aids. You should also make sure to store your hearing aids in a safe place, such as the carrying case that is provided to you by the manufacturer. This case has a hard outer shell which will protect the hearing aid from foreign elements as well as from being crushed or damaged otherwise.

Hearing Aid Battery

Next, you will be shown and instructed on how and when to change the battery in your hearing aid. If you have to charge your hearing aid in a docking station, your hearing health care professional will demonstrate the correct way to use the dock.

Fitting Your Hearing Aid

Now that your hearing healthcare specialist has gone over all the necessary information about caring for your hearing aid, they will begin the fitting process. They will show you how to properly put in and take out your hearing aids. This is important because not only does it educate you on the ways to insert and remove your devices, it also allows them to check the fit of the hearing aid and make sure you have a comfortable fit.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your hearing health care professional has demonstrated this, you will now have a chance to try it yourself.

Hearing Aid Programming & Adjustments

Finally, your hearing healthcare practitioner will program your hearing aid to fit your hearing loss according to your hearing assessment results. Your hearing aid will have been pre-programmed by the manufacturer, but your hearing care professional may need to make a few adjustments before you leave. Talk with your hearing health care professional during this appointment to ensure you are comfortable with the sound quality coming from the hearing aid.

Remember, your hearing care professional is there to help you on your path to better hearing, which includes fitting you with hearing devices you’re comfortable with. If you have any questions during the fitting process, make sure to bring them up with your hearing health care professional.

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