Signs Your Hearing Aid Doesn’t Fit Properly

Like most electrical devices or appliances that we use in our day-to-day lives, hearing aids work most of the time. Sometimes, however, your hearing aid may cause problems. As with many things, it’s only once the hearing aids have a problem that our dependence on them is made clear.

You may rely on your hearing aids for your day-to-day life. When they’re not working as expected, it can be frustrating. One issue that could be affecting your hearing aid is the fit. A poorly fit hearing aid can actually make your hearing experience worse, rather than better. We’re exploring signs that your hearing aid may not fit properly.

Signs Your Hearing Aid Doesn’t Fit Properly

If wearing your hearing aids causes you pain or discomfort, it’s likely that they do not fit correctly. Below are some signs to watch out for, that may indicate your hearing aid doesn’t fit properly.

Pain or Discomfort

One of the more noticeable signs of an ill-fitting hearing aid is pain or discomfort. You should be able to wear your hearing aids comfortably. Common areas where you may experience pain or discomfort include:

  • Behind the ears
  • In the ear canal

If wearing your hearing aids is not comfortable, we recommend speaking to your local hearing specialist. A simple adjustment of the fit can change your entire experience.

A Sore Spot

If you wear glasses, you may remember the first few days of wearing them took some getting used to. Hearing aids are similar. The first few days may feel slightly uncomfortable. However, if you notice that you’re getting a sore spot where the hearing aid sits, the fit may need checking. Your ear mold may need adjusting.

Buzzing or Whistling

Feedback is sound produced by your hearing aid devices, where the microphone is picking up their own amplified sound. This sound is then re-amplified, in a never-ending loop. If your hearing aid is buzzing or producing feedback, first check that you’ve put them on correctly. Remove and reinsert your hearing aid device. If you’re still hearing feedback, poor fit could be the culprit.

Problems with Sound or Volume

Your hearing aids shouldn’t require manual adjustment very often. In fact, there’s a good chance that they automatically adjust to the different listening situations you may find yourself in. If you find that you’re needing to try and adjust the volume, yet not getting a better listening experience, your fit may need adjusting.

Earwax Buildup

Earwax is an important part of a healthy ear. It serves to protect the skin in your ear canal, helps to clean your ear, and protects against bacteria, water and foreign objects. If, however, you’ve noticed an increase in earwax since wearing your hearing aid devices, they’re likely not fit correctly.

Devices won’t Stay in Place

One of the more obvious signs that your hearing aid doesn’t fit properly, is that it won’t stay in place. If your hearing aid is continually slipping or falling out, get the fit checked by your hearing healthcare specialist.

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