Do I Need More Than One Hearing Aid?

If your level of hearing impairment requires any sort of aid or device to assist you in reaching optimal hearing, you’re probably always looking for more ways to obtain the best hearing you possibly can. Aside from trying out different brands and styles of hearing aids, one way to improve your hearing if you only have a need for a device in one ear is to obtain more than one hearing aid for use in your other ear.

When asking your hearing professional “Is one hearing aid enough?”, you’ll most likely be met with a resounding “no.” The benefits of wearing two hearing aids are a lengthy list. We’ve got some information to help you understand why even if you’re only hearing impaired in one ear, two devices will give you the best hearing you can achieve.

Do I Need More Than One Hearing Aid?

If you think of your ears like muscle, (they aren’t! But just as a metaphor!) in order to keep them in shape you should exercise and stimulate them. If you’re hearing impaired and you’re only using one hearing aid, the ear that is not equipped with a device isn’t getting the same stimulation as the hearing impaired ear. Because a hearing aid is used to amplify, stimulate and force the ear as a whole, it keeps your hearing better tuned and ready to process sound. You may find that even if the ear that does not have an impairment seems to hear just fine, voices in loud areas or listening to speech on television may be a little unclear or not as crisp. Auditory professionals refer to this as auditory deprivation, and it tends to happen to most of us as we age.

When using more than one hearing aid, you’re creating a “surround sound amplification” of sorts. This creates binaural summation, which means you as the listener will perceive a greater intensity when hearing sounds. This can impact your ability to tell the difference between frequencies and also help you hear speech clearly, regardless of environment. This also means you won’t have your single device turned up as powerful, as you’ll have 2 devices helping each other amplify sound and how your ears process those sound waves.

If you’re still wondering if you should have two hearing aids as opposed to just the one, consider the quality of surround sound and the impact on directional hearing that one sided impairment can cause you. Wearing two hearing aids can help remedy the localization of sound issue for you, and can give you an overall better listening experience. Another benefit of wearing two hearing aids is also the relief from tinnitus. In some cases, wearing 2 devices can assist in cutting out the bothersome condition of ringing ears completely. Only utilizing one will most likely not solve this problem for you.

No matter what the reason, it’s highly advised that if you’re a person with a single sided hearing impairment, the benefits of wearing more than one hearing device. Speak with the team at Anderson Audiology if you feel that you might benefit from gearing up with a second device! Call today at 702-997-2964 and arrange an appointment at your convenience. Or if you’d prefer, click here to request an appointment online.

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