Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids During Summer

Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids During Summer

Who’s planning for a fun summer? We know you want to have a great time with whatever you have planned this summer so we have some tips on protecting your hearing aids. Summer sun is usually accompanied with cooling off in the water and hearing aids, heat,  and water don’t mix. Swimming and showering are obvious sources of water that you know to avoid, however excess sweat or a summer rain shower can also get your hearing aids wet. Make sure to protect them and dry them off immediately if they do get wet. Here are 10 ways you should be taking care of your hearing aids in summer.

  1. Never leave your hearing aids out in the heat, or in your car.
  2. Air out your hearing aids whenever you take them off.
  3. Store them in a dryer or dehumidifier overnight to remove any excess water that might have gotten into them.
  4. Clean them with a dry, soft cloth daily.
  5. Learn the difference between waterproof and water-resistant hearing aids and review what rating your hearing aids have. Consider a protective sleeve if your hearing aids are not water-resistant or waterproof.
  6. Bring back up supplies and extra batteries with you when you travel.
  7. Check your connections, tubing, and cords regularly.
  8. If you are traveling, remember to bring your connected devices, chargers, and your extra supplies.
  9. Remember to keep them away from sunscreen and any other chemicals, hair products, or cleaning solvents.
  10. Schedule a hearing aid check up with your hearing care professional to make sure your hearing aids are performing optimally.

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