Keeping Your Technology in Shape

Do hearing aids require professional maintenance, or can I handle it myself at home? Is it OK if my devices get wet? How do I know if my hearing aids are broken? Where can I get them repaired?

Hearing aids play a crucial role in keeping you connected to the people, places, and experiences that matter most in your life, so it’s important to keep them in their best shape.

Even if you take proper home care of your hearing aids – with regular cleanings, battery changes, avoidance of moisture, replacement of wax filters, regular office visits and other good habits – time, wear, and tear take their toll on technology. Your devices will eventually become worn out or may incur accidental damage.

Replacing damaged hearing aids may be the best solution in some cases, giving you the opportunity to upgrade your technology. In other instances, however, professional repairs can go a long way toward helping you get the most out of your devices.

Consider these factors in deciding whether to repair your technology:

  • The technology is less than three years old
  • The damage isn’t visible
  • The hearing aids don’t have a long repair history
  • The damage is minor enough that it makes more financial sense to repair rather than replace

The best way to know whether your hearing aids are damaged – and determine the extent of any damage – is to have them professionally examined. At Anderson Audiology, we provide peace of mind with expert care and maintenance of your hearing technology, including:

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of malfunctioning or damaged devices
  • Repair, when possible, of damaged or broken devices
  • Professional hearing aid cleaning every three months
  • Hearing aid adjustments as needed or annually

If you bought your hearing aids from us, we will perform periodic professional cleanings at no cost. Even if you didn’t, we’re happy to clean and help maintain them at a minimal cost to you. In addition, we can adjust any hearing aids – whether or not purchased through Anderson – for just $25.

To make sure your hearing aids are optimized for best performance, contact our caring team today for a clean and check. We’re committed to helping you hear your best every day.

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