When to Buy a New Hearing Aid

When is Buying a New Hearing Aid the Right Answer?

Your current hearing aids may seem like old and trusted friends who have helped you get through some tough situations. But what happens when, all of a sudden they don’t seem to always be there for you? They may even seem unreliable at times. It may be time to start evaluating how well your hearing aids are working for your current situation.

  • Have there been changes in your hearing?
  • Have there been changes in your lifestyle?
  • Is your current hearing aid technology simply outdated?

As you come in for regular visits your Audiologist may recommend a new audio test. This is because, no matter how hard we try to preserve our hearing overtime it may still decline. The technology that was perfect for you a few years ago, may not be meeting your needs today. If you have concerns that your hearing has changed, please call to schedule a time to have your hearing reevaluated so that we can determine if new technology is the right answer.

With the help of your current hearing aids you may be experiencing a more active listening lifestyle. Activities that you couldn’t comfortably participate in previously, may now have become a meaningful part of your life. These changes, may have significantly changed the work your hearing aids need to do in order to help you hear. For example, if you are now enjoying visiting with friends in noisy environments, you may need to upgrade to a higher level of technology to keep up with your more active lifestyle. This is normal. As hearing improves you tend to explore areas that may have previously been closed to you because of your inability to hear in difficult situations.

As discussed in our previous blog, there comes a time when technology simply has become outdated. At this point, it is not a good financial decision to invest in a repair when newer technology is so far superior to your current hearing aid. In this case putting your money into something new just makes sense.

Change can be daunting, especially when it means a financial investment. But as you consider these areas if you feel like you are not getting everything out of your trusted hearing aids it is time to talk to your Audiologist about what new hearing aid technology can do for you.

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