Understanding Surgical Interventions for Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can significantly impact one’s quality of life, but modern surgical interventions offer promising solutions for many individuals. 

This resource page provides detailed information on two primary surgical options: cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing systems (BAHS). Learn about candidacy, benefits, and what to expect from these life-changing procedures.

Surgical Options for Hearing Loss: Cochlear Implants

What Are Cochlear Implants?

Cochlear implants are advanced medical devices designed to provide a sense of sound to individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. Unlike hearing aids that amplify sound, cochlear implants bypass damaged parts of the ear and directly stimulate the auditory nerve.

Who Can Benefit from Cochlear Implants?

  • Individuals with severe to profound hearing loss in one or both ears
  • Those who receive limited benefit from traditional hearing aids
  • Suitable for both adults and children aged 12 months and older

Benefits of Cochlear Implants

  • Improved speech understanding in both quiet and noisy environments
  • Enhanced ability to hear environmental sounds and music
  • Greater independence in daily activities

What to Expect

  • Pre-Surgery: Comprehensive evaluations by audiologists and surgeons, including hearing tests and imaging studies
  • Surgery: Performed under general anesthesia, typically taking 2-3 hours
  • Post-Surgery: The implant is activated 2-4 weeks after surgery, followed by regular tuning sessions and auditory rehabilitation to maximize hearing potential

Surgical Options for Hearing Loss: Bone-Anchored Hearing Systems (BAHS)

What Are Bone-Anchored Hearing Systems?

BAHS are implantable devices that use bone conduction to transmit sound directly to the inner ear, bypassing the outer and middle ear. These systems are particularly effective for individuals with conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, or single-sided deafness.

Who Can Benefit from BAHS?

  • Individuals with chronic ear infections or conditions that preclude the use of traditional hearing aids
  • Those with single-sided deafness or significant conductive hearing loss
  • Suitable for both adults and children aged 5 years and older

Benefits of BAHS

  • Clearer sound transmission through direct bone conduction
  • Improved speech understanding, even in noisy environments
  • Elimination of issues such as occlusion and feedback common with traditional hearing aids

What to Expect

  • Pre-Surgery: Detailed hearing assessments and consultations with specialists.
  • Surgery: Performed under local or general anesthesia, typically as an outpatient procedure.
  • Post-Surgery: Initial fitting and activation of the device occur a few weeks after surgery, with ongoing follow-up visits to optimize performance.

Trust Your Hearing To Anderson Audiology!

Choosing a surgical option for hearing loss is a significant decision that requires thorough understanding and consultation with healthcare professionals. Audiologists and surgeons work together to determine the best course of action based on individual needs and hearing profiles.

The hearing specialists at Anderson Audiology are here to help you every step of the way. For personalized advice and comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs, schedule an appointment with one of our hearing professionals.

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