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What is Vibroacoustic Disease?

Noise can have a significant impact on our health. It poses a risk to your hearing, with 25% of American adults showing symptoms of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). We know how to protect our hearin...Read More

Could AI Help Restore Hearing?

Many Americans are affected by a hearing impairment. The National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders (NIDCD) estimates that up to 20% of Americans have hearing loss. For many with heari...Read More

Can You Have Too Much Earwax?

Earwax! We all have it – and it plays an incredibly important role in our auditory health! But what happens when our bodies produce too much, or we don’t know how to properly clean our ears an...Read More

What is Diplacusis?

Our ears are an intricate and complicated environment. Your ear includes three main parts:  The outer ear The middle ear The inner ear Each part of our ears have their own role in allowing us to hear...Read More

What is Cogan’s Syndrome?

Cogan’s syndrome is a rare rheumatic disease. An autoimmune disease, Cogan’s syndrome is characterized by an inflammation of the eyes and inner ears. It can cause dizziness, vision difficulties an...Read More

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The purpose of this hearing assessment and/or demonstration is for hearing wellness to determine if the client(s) may benefit from using hearing aids. Products demonstrated may differ from products sold. Test conclusion may not be a medical diagnosis. The use of any hearing aid may not fully restore normal hearing and does not prevent future hearing loss. Testing is to evaluate your hearing wellness, which may include selling and fitting hearing aids. Hearing instruments may not meet the needs of all hearing-impaired individuals. One offer per customer. Insurance benefit, including Managed Care or federal reimbursements, cannot be combined with any of our promotional offers, coupons or discounts. Other terms may apply. See office for details.

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