6 Signs You Should Get Your Hearing Checked

It’s estimated that in the United States, 1 in 8 people have a hearing impairment. This number increases to 1 in 3 by the time we’re 65. 

Hearing loss can happen gradually over time. This can make it more difficult to identify. Often, it’s those closest to us that recognize something doesn’t seem right. 

There are, however, some common signs and symptoms that we can all look out for. Knowing the signs that you need your hearing checked can help you seek treatment earlier. 

6 Signs You Should Get Your Hearing Checked 

Do you ever suspect that your hearing isn’t quite what it used to be? Do you find yourself missing parts of the conversation? Perhaps someone has mentioned to you that you should get your hearing checked. Here are 6 signs you should get your hearing checked. 

  1. “Can you repeat that?” – It can be embarrassing to choose between guessing incorrectly what has been said or repeatedly asking someone to repeat themselves. It does your confidence no good. Do you find yourself getting frustrated because it seems like everyone mumbles? Maybe you find women or children much more difficult to understand. If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves often, it is a good idea to book in a hearing assessment. 
  2. A wall of sound – Do you avoid noisy environments? Do you struggle to keep up with group conversations? Have you begun to say “no” to more and more activities and worry increasingly about upcoming social events? This is often a concern for those with hearing loss, particularly when left untreated. It can lead to social isolation, anxiety, depression and possibly cognitive decline. 
  3. Turn it up – Does anyone ever remark how loud you have the television or your music? Do you frequently find you have to turn up the volume and outside your home you have to ask for the volume to be increased? This is a clear sign of a more gradual hearing loss. 
  4. Does the ringing ever stop? – A persistent ringing (or similar sounds) in your ears known as tinnitus can be a sign of hearing loss. With treatment, this can be managed rather than being ignored or potentially worsening.
  5. Missing out – This sign is more difficult to spot, as you may not realize what you’re missing out on. Ask yourself if you often sleep through your alarm? Have you heard the birds chirping lately? Take note of what you may be missing out on.
  6. Don’t call me – Do you avoid talking on the phone? Many people with hearing loss find phone conversations difficult. The lack of visual stimulus, the tone of the sound and background noise can make it seem impossible.  

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At Anderson Audiology, we understand it can be easy to dismiss suspected hearing loss. It’s even harder to acknowledge that you may be in need of a hearing assessment. Untreated hearing loss has wider implications than simply your ability to hear. 

In most cases, the hearing loss is treatable and your quality of life can be restored. Routine hearing assessments are the best way to protect your hearing. Call us today on 702-997-2964. Alternatively, click here to request an appointment online. 

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