What Is a Hearing Aid Dryer and Why Do I Need One?

Your hearing aids are a significant investment and once you have them, you know how much better it is to be able to hear correctly. Obviously, you want to protect your investment and preserve your best hearing. A hearing aid dryer is a storage unit that also acts as a dehumidifying component to dry out any moisture that has gotten inside, even the moisture you can’t see.

Protecting Your Hearing Aids

One of the main things about hearing aids is that they don’t mix with water. A few months ago, we wrote about protecting your hearing aids during summer and offered up some tips on protecting them from the prevalent water during that season, but it is a good idea to protect them from water all year round. Moisture can get into your hearing aids, the inner workings, tubing, etc. even if you don’t see it or notice it.

How a Hearing Aid Dryer Works

One of the best ways to protect and preserve your hearing aids is by using a hearing aid dryer. Even waterproof or water-resistant hearing aids can benefit from a hearing aid dryer, which dries out the hearing aid if it happens to get wet. It is essential to understand that even sweat, oil from your skin, or earwax can have moisture that can get into your hearing aids and affect how they work. Whenever you take your hearing aids out, you should wipe them down with a soft cloth, store them in your hearing aid dryer when you aren’t wearing them and overnight; it doubles as a storage case.

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