Untreated Ear Infections – What You Should Know

Ear infections are very common in children and adults. But, did you realize if you leave them untreated, you can cause suffer from serious repercussions?

Inner ear, middle ear – it doesn’t matter. Honestly, any kind of ear infection is nothing to mess around with.

Here’s what could happen if you leave that infection untreated:

Hearing Loss

It’s not just an untreated infection that can cause this. Prolonged infection and recurring infection are both real problems. It can result in irreversible hearing loss.

Ruptured Ear Drums

This sounds worse than it is – but if it happens too often, it will require surgery to fix. Basically the infection (blood and pus) press on the eardrum until it can’t take it anymore and it bursts. This can also lead to hearing loss.

More Infections

As stated above, recurring infections can lead to hearing loss. If you leave your ear infected for too long, you are just opening the door for a repeat event.

Enlarged Tonsils and Adenoids

Both of these are designed to help your body fight foreign bodies. Untreated infections can cause them to swell, causing potential breathing and hearing problems.

But what can you do to catch the infection before it’s too late?

Check this list of symptoms and don’t wait to see a physician:

Typical Symptoms:

  • Fever over 102.5
  • Unusual and/or unexplained ear pain
  • Trouble sleeping on the side of the infected ear
  • Itching in ear
  • In children, rubbing or tugging at their ear

We urge you, if you notice any of the typical symptoms of ear infection to get it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry!

We can’t wait to help you gain a better hearing lifestyle. Here at Anderson Audiology we are committed to better hearing and committed to you!

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