Top 6 Things To Consider When Selecting A Hearing Aid

How do you choose the right hearing aid for you?

The answer to that depends on a few factors. Let’s discuss those…

Do you have a hearing care provider?

If not, get one. We cannot stress enough how vital it is to have a hearing care provider who is passionate about hearing and helping every client find the right hearing aid for their needs.

If you have never had a hearing assessment, we’d love to have you schedule a complimentary consult to discuss the steps of our comprehensive diagnostic test.

A big factor to consider when determining which hearing aid is best for you personal needs is the type and severity of your hearing loss.

For those with minor hearing loss, you won’t need quite the same equipment that you would require for major hearing loss.

Your hearing care provider will do an assessment that will give them the information they need to recommend the right product for you.

Are you concerned about how a hearing aid might look?

The good news is, In-the-Canal type hearing aids are tiny and nearly undetectable. Your hearing care provider can help you determine if they are right for you.

When thinking about the size of hearing aids, also consider your own dexterity.

If you have arthritis, a larger model may make it easier for you to handle on your own.

Do you use wireless, Bluetooth, and mobile devices?

Ask your hearing care provider about models that can connect directly to your devices. They’ve made life so much easier for so many of our patients!

Budget a concern? Hearing aids can be pricey.

Unfortunately, in most cases Medicare does not cover hearing aids. We’ve got financing options to help you, and can help you make the most cost effective choice for you.

If you aren’t sure which hearing aid is right for you, don’t sweat it – that’s what we are here for!

Give us a call. Make an appointment. Change your life.

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