One-Sided Hearing Loss

Have you noticed you only have a problem hearing in one ear? One-sided hearing loss is not something that is a common occurrence. Most people who have hearing loss, have it in both ears, even if it isn’t equal, the hearing loss is usually present in both ears. One-sided hearing loss is also called single-sided deafness (SSD) or unilateral hearing loss (UHL). Read on to find out more about one-sided hearing loss, its causes and treatments.

Causes of One-Sided Hearing Loss

One-sided hearing loss usually happens after a specific incident and happens instantly. The more common types of hearing loss usually happen very gradually, not instantly or over night. Some causes of unilateral hearing loss include:

  • An injury to the ear
  • Blockage in the ear
  • Tumor in the ear
  • Illness
  • Reaction to certain types of drugs

Symptoms of One-Sided Hearing Loss

People who have one-sided hearing loss will likely experience some symptoms in addition to the lack of hearing in the affected ear. Most patients we see who have one-sided hearing loss actually report feeling more trouble hearing than those who have an impairment in both ears. The reason for this is because we have binaural hearing, which means that we use both ears to hear in conjunction with each other. Symptoms of one-sided hearing loss include:

  • Inability to hear conversations on the affected side
  • Difficulty determining the origin of sounds or speech
  • Trouble understanding speech in an environment with background noise
  • Awkwardness communicating socially
  • Difficulty concentrating in large, open environments

Treatments for One-Sided Hearing Loss

If you experience hearing loss in only one ear, seek treatment immediately. The sooner a hearing professional can diagnose and treat your one-sided hearing loss, the better your chances are of recovering. As always, the treatment will depend on the cause and the official diagnosis by a hearing professional or doctor. Treatment options for one-sided hearing loss can include:

  • Antibiotics or steroid medication
  • Surgery
  • A hearing aid for the affected ear

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