New Year, New You: Protect Your Hearing

It’s the new year and that often means resolutions and promises. Instead of you making any promises or resolutions, Anderson Audiology is here for you with tips to protect your hearing. We will help ensure your hearing is healthy and hearty throughout this new year and beyond.

Protecting Your Hearing

We just wrote about 5 ways to protect your hearing in our Thanksgiving blog. However, here are some more tips from the experts to consider when it comes to protecting your hearing.

  • Consider the weather. When it comes to your hearing and weather, you need to be careful when extreme temperatures hit. Depending on where you live, this usually comes into play in summer and winter.
    • When the weather gets hot, it’s not so much the heat that can hurt your hearing, but the buildup of sweat and moisture inside your ear canal can be a breeding ground for ear infections. Make sure to keep your ears dry and clean; but of course, never use cotton swab tips to try to achieve that.
    • In winter, there are even more concerns for the weather and your hearing. Wear ear muffs, hats, or other warm weather gear to protect your ears and prevent things like Surfer’s Ear, hardened earwax, and ear infections.
  • Get technology on your side. You already know about not listening to media too loudly. Instead of wondering what level you need to keep your headphone or mobile phone at, use the smart technology features available to keep them preset at levels that keep your ears safe. In addition to smart tech, you can download an application that will let you know if the environment you are in is too loud to be safe.
  • Read all about it. Your hearing is fragile and precious and when your hearing goes, it usually doesn’t come back. The more you learn about your hearing and how your ears work, the more you understand how to protect them and what to do if you are having any trouble. The Anderson Audiology blog and website are excellent resources to learn more about your hearing health.

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