Ear Infection and Hearing Loss: What You Should Know

Ear infections are quite common, especially among children. Also called otitis media, ear infections affect the middle ear and usually accompany the common cold, flu, or other types of respiratory infections. The middle ear is located behind the eardrum and has tiny bones that pick up the vibrations and then pass them through to the inner ear. The reason that ear infections are so common during these ailments is because the middle ear is connected to the upper respiratory tract through the Eustachian tube.

Ear Infections and Children

Did you know that ear infections is actually the second most common reason why parents bring their children to the pediatrician behind checkups? In fact, nearly half of all antibiotic prescriptions written for kids are for ear infections. The reason why ear infections are more common in children is because their eustachian tube is often too small or not yet fully developed. This combined with a “young” immune system makes them very susceptible to ear infections. The reason we mention this is because if left untreated, ear infections can sometimes result in temporary or even permanent hearing loss.

Preventing Hearing Loss Due to Ear Infections

Temporary hearing loss can occur during the ear infection. When fluid builds up in the inner ear due to an ear infection, it can muffle sounds making it difficult to hear. Any extended temporary or permanent hearing loss due to ear infections is rare. However, if ear infections go untreated, especially chronic ear infections, it can cause problems down the road.

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