Can Loud Noises Damage My Hearing Further?

If you already experience hearing loss, is it possible to make it worse?

Honestly? Yes. It is.

Loud noises damage hearing. Period. So, whether you hear perfectly, or you are living with diminished hearing, if you are around loud noises for a sustained amount of time, you can damage what hearing you have.

What about tinnitus? Do loud noises make tinnitus worse?

Generally speaking, tinnitus is caused by loud noises. It’s also exacerbated by loud noises.

But what you should know is that tinnitus is not always permanent.

“Sometimes the auditory system can partly or completely recover from noise-related tinnitus or hearing loss. However, a repeated exposure to high level sounds result in permanent damage to the inner ear, leading to permanent hearing loss.” (

How can you keep your hearing loss from getting worse?

First, it is true that some types of hearing loss are just going to get more profound. Your hearing care professional can help you determine if that applies to your hearing loss.

If you are around sustained loud noises for long periods of time, due to your job or any other reason, here are a few ideas to help:

Wear ear protection. Either muffs or earplugs – but make sure they are rated for the level of sound you are experiencing.

Do not listen to loud music for long periods of time.

Turn the volume down a little.

Be mindful of your hearing and if you start to feel tired or cranky due to loud noises or the effort it takes to talk to someone, it’s probably time for a break in a quiet place.

The short answer is, loud noises damage hearing.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, no matter what the cause, we can help. A hearing assessment will help determine what health issues may or may not be causing your hearing loss and allow us to make recommendations to help you start hearing well again.

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