7 Activities That Can Improve Your Hearing

Hearing loss is one of the most common ailments. As we get older, hearing deteriorates over time. Even though hearing loss cannot be recovered, there are activities and exercise that you can do to prevent hearing loss and maintain your hearing health for as long as possible.  Here are 7 activities that you can do to improve your hearing, prevent hearing loss, and achieve better hearing health.

  1. Daily Physical Exercise: This will help increase your blood circulation throughout your body, which includes your ears and your brain. That, in turn, helps to improve nerve functions and also removes toxins and wastes from your body.
  2. Yoga: Not all exercise has to be vigorous. Yoga is an excellent activity that helps your circulation in the same way described above for physical exercise.  Yoga has also been shown to help with tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. There are specific yoga poses that you can learn that help with circulation:
    1. Tree pose
    2. Lotus pose
    3. Cobra pose
    4. Triangle pose
  3. Meditation: This can help improve your hearing in a few different ways. When you meditate, take deep breaths to help increase your blood circulation as well as the oxygen in your body. In addition, if you meditate in a park or public area, you can focus on the sounds and train your brain to hear them.
  4. Puzzles: When you solve puzzles, your brain stays sharp. This is important because your brain is responsible for processing the sounds that you hear. Puzzles can be like a work out for your brain, keeping it in top
  5. Sound Focus Exercise / Sound Location: Practice locating different sounds in different directions by placing radios or speakers in different areas of the room.
  6. Brain Games: There are many different smartphone apps and computer games that you can use to help exercise your brain and keep it in shape. Here are a few to look for:
    1. Advanced Bionics
    2. AB Clix
    3. AB Listening Adventures (for children)
    4. VocAB Auditory Training (for children)
    5. LACE Auditory Training
    6. Forbrain
    7. HAPPYneuron
    8. Lumosity
  7. Wear Your Hearing Aids: While hearing aids don’t necessarily improve your hearing loss, it helps prevent it from getting worse. Since hearing better helps keep your brain active and processing sounds, it slows down your loss of understanding. That is just one of the many benefits of hearing aids.

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